About the Library



Adress: Respublikos 3, LT-72252, Taurage
Phone: 8-446-61954
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Our Mission, Goals and Activities

Mission: To inspire lifelong learning through connections to knowledge and each other.

Goals:  Create inspiring places that are accessible, safe and source of pride, effectively manage library collections, provide high quality library programs and services.

Activities: Taurage Municipality Birute Baltrusaityte Public library is one of the oldest cultural institutions in the area. It's history started in 1931,  when the Departament of central bookshop  in Taurage was  opened . The first director  was Larisa Koppaite,  a very inteligent and educated woman. 
The present-day Taurage Municipality Public library is the institution of information, culture and education.  Here you may find modern information  searching and  keeping  technologies.

The library has 2 branches in the town and  24 in rural areas, valuable book stock, a large circle of readers and  high - skilled librarians
English literature Departament. On 19 August, 1999 English literature department was opened in the Public library. The stock consists of 7 thousand of fiction and popular literature,informational publications, video and audio documents for English language learning. All those documents were gathered and brought to Taurage by Mr.S.Collishaw and his wife Mrs. M. Marcinkute from Great Britain. The publications were get from book-shops in England, from "Lions club", Oxford University, Lithuanian community, etc.The project was supported by Deputy Ambassador of Britain Mr. S. Terry.